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The philosophy of Courland!® bags rests on three pillars:

QUALITY - that lasts
FUNCTION - that works
FORM - that conveys elegance

All Courland! bags are individually handmade in Latvia and are uniquely identifiable by their outstanding quality. Latvia’s capital, Riga, was a member of the ancient trading organization in Europe, the Hanseatic League, with a long history in manufacturing luxury goods.

The production of Courland! bags is strongly rooted on sustainable environmental and ethical policies, and we are exercising full control over our supply chain.

From inception to completion, this makes Courland! bags something special that can become your own piece of luxury and uniqueness.

Courland! gives a lifelong warranty on the manufacturing of its bags. Courland! bags are made to be your lifelong companion.


Latvia’s territory has always been a place for trading goods, as a hub between the shores of Britain / Western Europe and the hinterland of Russia.
Furs from Russia were traded against fabrics from Belgium, England and elsewhere. The Hanseatic League stretched from the Baltic Sea, with Riga as a major member and trading port. Luxury goods were transported from Germany and France to the court of the Russian queen.
It is a well-known fact that the Russian Queen Catherine the Great paid numerous visits to Riga in the 18 th century, stressing its importance to the vast growing demand for high-quality goods in Russia.  
It is no wonder that in the 17 th century a small crafts shop was erected in the province of Courland next to Riga to produce various luxury products made out of fine leathers and furs.
This shop unfortunately flourished only for a short period of time. Wars ravished Latvia and the world but in 2009 a group of young enthusiasts decided to resurrect the century old tradition of leather craftsmanship of the highest quality.

This was the birth of Courland!® bags.
Ever since, our specialty has been unique, individually handmade bags made out of top quality leather to last a lifetime.
All bags are made to order and shipped directly to the customer. Thereby, the costs, despite all luxury, are being kept to a minimum. You can order your piece of uniqueness today!
Have a look at our various samples on this website and do not hesitate to contact us directly. Measurements are given for our standard bags, but you can also provide your preferred size of bag. We will be more than happy to accommodate almost all of your wishes as best as possible.


The raw material originates from European producers that adhere to a strict selection process.

We are buying leather exclusively from German and other European tanneries that guarantee for their employers good working conditions and observe human rights and labour laws.

Courland!® bags are produced by our experienced master craftsmen that have been working with leathers for years.

We believe in transparency of the production and have full-control of our production chain.


Leather is a natural product that lasts for a considerable period of time.
Leather is a by-product of other industries, thereby we are using what already exists.
The leather used for Courland!® bags is produced by manufacturers that strongly observe environmental policies. One of them has introduced a 100% sustainable tanning agent: dried leaves of olive trees (Blattwerk®).

Our commitment to foster a sustainable environment is not just words but 10% of our annual profits are donated to local charities and projects in Courland (nowadays Kurzeme), Latvia.

We are committed to sustainability. We are using resources and materials that already exist, thus we are protecting our environment, even by producing something new and unique: our Courland! bags.

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